The data is yours

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Mon, 01/27/2014 - 10:00 -- David Thrower

When we founded Asante Solutions, we wanted to base it on more than a pump. So we founded it on a promise. A promise to make life simpler for people with diabetes, and those who love them. This promise of simplicity began with the launch of the Snap Insulin Pump and it will go much further in the future. One important and unique part of our promise is making your data available for you to use, wherever and whenever you want.

When you use the Snap pump, you are capturing a lot of data on your insulin dosing, your carbohydrate intake, and your blood sugar levels. We make that all available to you on the logbook so you can see it all anytime. We know, however, that there are so many more ways that you could use your data. You just need a way for your pump to talk to other devices.

That is why we were so happy to see Tidepool at the 2013 DiabetesMine Innovation Summit. Their presentation was very compelling and we knew we wanted to work with them. One of their core beliefs really rings very true: “People with diabetes live in a sea of unused data generated by devices that don’t talk to each other. This is insane,” their CEO, Howard Look, told us. I could not have said it any better myself. The challenge for Asante, however, is “how do we make the Snap pump talk to all the other devices when we only make the pump?”

That is where Tidepool comes in. Their commitment to an open platform is refreshing and needed. The data in your pump is yours, not a pump company’s. We did not want to create a proprietary system with a communication protocol known only to Asante and that could be used only with devices and apps that we chose – the choice should be yours.

Because of our belief and the fantastic work that Tidepool is doing, we are happy to announce Asante’s partnership with Tidepool. We are honored to be the first insulin pump to make our protocols available to Tidepool. What that means is we have given Tidepool the information that they need to take the data in Snap and place it into their open data platform. Tidepool has more work to do before this is available, but we are very excited about the future. Once Snap users can get the data from the Snap Insulin Pump into the Tidepool platform, they can then use their data to fuel other apps and dashboards. Imagine an app that uses your CGM data and the data from your Snap Insulin Pump to recommend a change to your typical breakfast that could better keep your morning BG in control. Isn’t that the kind of integration that will make the management of diabetes simpler? That is just one example of the hundreds of ways that we believe our partnership with Tidepool will help make your life a little easier. In the end, that is our promise to those that use our pump. It is also the commitment of Tidepool. After all, the data is yours….




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