Upgrades are a Snap

We understand that when you buy a product you want it to be current. Nobody wants the “older” generation product, especially when it comes to something as important as your insulin pump.

That’s why Asante makes upgrades a snap!

When you buy the Asante Snap, there is no need to worry about not having the latest technology. Our quick upgrade program allows you to trade in your Snap controller for the newest version anytime for just $99. All we ask is that you return your current controller to Asante in a pre-paid envelope that we’ll send you.

Asante is committed to developing the most innovative insulin pump possible so we will continue to work on enhancements – all of which you will be eligible for in the upgrade program.

The $99 upgrade program applies to all upgrades for new technology and improved functionality. It does not apply to changes in color or other cosmetic enhancements. The Upgrade Program is subject to change and can be terminated without notice.




Less prep time.
More life time.